hello! this carrd's previous focus was mainly on blm. as of now i plan on including information that pertains to worldwide issues.

i will do my best to update this page as often as i can (carrds + petitions + donations + etc.)
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please DO NOT donate to change!! the money goes to the website and does nothing to support the cause.
postal codes for international signers!!
90015 - Los Angeles, California
10001 - New York City, New York
75001 - Dallas, Texas

Petitions 2
Petitions 3

Justice for Jacob Blake
Ways to Help: DRC
Protest + Riot Guide
BLM Petition Links + More
BLM Sites
BLM Thought
Mutual Aid Networks
List of Petitions
DFW BLM Relief
BLM and Palestine Donation Links
Black Mental Health Matters
Masterlist of BLM Carrds
#Black Womens Lives Matter

Nigeria Infographic
Congo Infographic
Breonna Taylor Case
Translated BLM Carrds
Black Owned Brands
Black-Led LGBTQ Community Organizations
Black and Indigenous Resources/Organizations (Canada)
Email Template Generator
Donation Links (Nigeria)
Resources/Links (Nigeria)

Resources for BLM
Spread Awareness
Resistance Funds
1000+ Petitions
Email Protest

Support for Indian Country in Phase IV Stimulus Package
Justice for Native Women Who Were Victims of Sterilization
Withdraw the Critical Infrastructure Defence Act
Justice for Chantel Moore
Resources for COVID-19 in Indigenous Communities

Aboriginal Lives Matter

Yemen and How to Help
Lebanon Needs You
Help Lebanon Now
What's Happening in Lebanon
Support Women in Egypt
Palestine and How to Help
Syria Needs Help

Donations to the Middle East
Lebanon Donation Links
Help for Free with a Click

What's Happening in Mexico
Situation in the Philippines
Stand with Kashmir
Free Kashmir
Albania/Kosovo Info
Femicides in Mexico
Help Mexico
Crisis in Venezuela
Talk About Papua
Donate Without Money
Issues Around the World
2020 Resources
Open Your Eyes
World Issues
Masterlist of Carrds
Violence Against Women in Turkey
Help Zimbabwe
What's Happening in the World
What's Happening in Azerbaijan

LGBTQ+ in Poland
Support Black Trans Lives

Protect LGBT+ People in Poland
Thread of LGBT Carrds

What's Going on in Indonesia
Petitions for Indonesia
What's Happening in Thailand

What's Happening in Thailand