hello, this carrd will focus on the atrocities and issues that black people are currently facing in the united states. (i will include other poc when i have the time)

i will do my best to constantly update this page with new information (petitions + gofundmes +etc).
if there is something you would like me to add and/or delete please tweet me @yyxyuto

i am black but i have not nor have any of my family members been subjected to any serious experiences because of our skin color so please feel free to educate me on any information that is wrong. ty!

credit: @cemora_the_vro (twt)

please take the time to educate yourself on current events + sign petitions + donate if you are able to

please DO NOT donate to change!! the money goes to the website and does nothing to support the cause.
postal codes for international signers!!
90015 - Los Angeles, California
10001 - New York City, New York
75001 - Dallas, Texas

Support for Indian Country in Phase IV Stimulus Package
Justice for Native Women Who Were Victims of Sterilization
Withdraw the Critical Infrastructure Defence Act
Justice for Chantel Moore
Resources for COVID-19 in Indigenous Communities

Protest + Riot Guide
BLM Guide for Stan Twt
BLM Petition Links + More
BLM Sites
BLM Thought
BLM + Junk Terror Bill
Mutual Aid Networks
List of Petitions
DFW BLM Relief
Situation in the Philippines
BLM and Palestine Donation Links
Black Mental Health Matters
Masterlist of BLM Carrds
Revolutionary Actions
#DalitLivesMatter (Nepal)
Aboriginal Lives Matter
Yemen and How to Help

Resources for BLM
Spread Awareness
Resistance Funds

Translated BLM Carrds
Black Owned Brands
Missing People
Important Petitions
Black Lives That Have Not Received Justice
How to Save Money on Hospital Bills
Stream to Donate
Black-Led LGBTQ Community Organizations
ICE Related Petitions
ICE Related Petitions (2)
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Donations to the Middle East
Support Black Trans People
Protect LGBT+ People in Poland
Email Template Generator
Black and Indigenous Resources/Organizations (Canada)
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